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Base Mountings and Drive Assemblies

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Style M & SM - Direct Connected Unit


Most compact configuration, pump shaft direct connected to either an integral gearhead motor "M" or footed C-face reducer "SM" (as shown "Steel-It" epoxy coated), through a flexible chain coupling. Furnished with coupling guard (not shown).

Style GR - Enclosed Gear Reducer Unit


Base mounted helical gear reducer, "GR" style shown, utilizes standard 1725 RPM motor to achieve very low pump speeds (when handling extremely viscous pumpages) with enclosed oil bath for long service life and quiet operation. Also available in "SGR" configuration incorporating an inline input/output shaft reducer. Flexible couplings join pump-to-reducer and reducer-to-motor. Furnished with coupling guards (not shown).
CFM Bypass Head

Style CFM - Close Coupled Unit


Lightweight and portable, this design, requiring only the motor feet to be bolted in place, is self-aligning and eliminates shim ming. No maintenance to pump, all sleeve bearings lubricated for life. Any 90° port arrangement available and can operate in any position. Its short "OAL" allows it to fit anywhere. Equipped exclusively with a Type 68 mechanical seal stocked in three differ ent elastomers covering virtually all applications. With guard caps in place all moving parts are completely shrouded.

Style BD - V-Belt Drive Unit


For a wide choice of pump speeds. Static conducting belts for hazardous locations. Pump shaft supported by large lubricated outboard bearing. Adjustable motor pad, belt guard.
Tri-Rotor - Custom Engineered

Custom Engineered Installations

All units are custom built, and can be modified to meet cutomer requirements.
Electric Motor/Outboard Bearing Support/Spur Gear & Pinion Reduction (J4625)

Mounted Unit Drawings

Examples of a few of the Installations Tri-Rotor has produced over the past 80 years.
All-Weather Pump

Base Mountings and Drive Assemblies - Applications

See a few applications of our extremely durable and highly versatile pumps.